I've been teaching for almost as long as I've been playing music, starting out teaching friends in my classes songs I'd taught myself at home. After leaving school, I worked at a couple of music schools before settling at Jeffries Academy of Music, where I've now been working for three years, and have taught over 50 students. I'm comfortable teaching guitar, bass, music production, composition and theory to an advanced level, and can teach piano and drumset to an intermediate level. 
My strengths as a teacher are with the learning by inquiry approach; using the music students are interested in as a vehicle to learn about music as a whole. It's my philosophy as a teacher that the best skill set any musician could have is the one that allows them to express the music they want to play. This is at odds with many grade systems, which have a predetermined idea of what constitutes a "good" musician at any given level. Although I am evidently not a fan of these systems, I've still taken several students through grades like AMEB and Rockschool with good results, and I understand for some students having this kind of structure is beneficial. 
At the moment, I mainly teach out of Jeffries Academy of Music in the Northern Beaches. If you're interested in studying with me there, get in touch with them via their website. I also offer one offs/casual lessons out of my home in Glebe. If this is something you're interested in, get in touch via the contact form on the left! 
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